Deep Tissue Massage in Sacramento


Many people enjoy massage. It is a wonderful feeling when tired, achy muscles experience relief.  In particular, a deep tissue massage is a type of massage that penetrates the deep tissue layers of the muscles thereby relieving the body from undue stress.  In Sacramento, California where people are involved in active lifestyles and career-driven environments, a deep tissue massage at the end of a tiring day or week has some immediate benefits.

Deep tissue massage Sacramento improves the overall wellness of a person. Here are some of the benefits of deep tissue massage Sacramento:

1. Improves blood circulation.  Massages, in general, lower blood pressure.  Deep tissue massage Sacramento puts enough pressure into the deep tissues; improving how the muscles work around large blood vessels.  Deep tissue massage Sacramento allows blood to flow smoothly around the body which improves other body functions. Good circulation that is improved by deep tissue massage Sacramento brings oxygen-rich blood thereby supplying the necessary nutrients to the muscles

2. Alleviates muscle pain. Because deep tissue massage Sacramento works into the deep muscle tissues, the improved circulation reduces the inflammation that can cause pain.  Deep tissue massage Sacramento can also help relax tight muscles. Toxins that accumulate into the muscles are also released by deep tissue massage Sacramento.

3. Heals muscle injuries. Injured muscles build up toxins which can hamper the healing process.  Deep tissue massage Sacramento stretches the muscle tissues releasing tension and toxins. With this, deep tissue massage Sacramento improves the condition of the injury because pain is controlled. In many sports injuries, deep tissue massage Sacramento is applied to promote rehabilitation of the muscles.

There is indeed healing powers in deep tissue massage Sacramento. Vonda taps into the natural healing power of the body through the power of touch.   Vonda believes that massage, including deep tissue massage Sacramento, is an experience of the body and soul.  Vonda is a certified, educated and dedicated massage therapist who heals and relaxes your muscles by listening to your preferences and how your body adapts to the deep tissue massage Sacramento. Such specialized service allows her to customize your session of deep tissue massage Sacramento to address your needs. For more information on deep tissue massage Sacramento, visit

Runners: Gluteus Medius Exercises For IT Band Pain

The gluteus medius muscle is located in the upper part of the glutes, just below the hip bone (iliac crest).  The gluteus medius muscle is extremely significant in stabilizing our hips during exercise.  It is weak in most people and this weak point can be a major source of problems in the lower back, SI joints and IT band.  Running or jogging can reveal long hidden weakness in this muscle, but you don’t have to be an athlete to have gluteus medius problems.  Because simply standing, walking, or sitting requires participation of the gluteus muscle, clients that lead mostly sedentary lifestyles often develop weakness here that leads to different pain syndromes.

Here is an interesting article explaining the importance of the gluteus medius muscle as well as some exercises to help strengthen it.