Skyros, Greece 2013

Skyros is the largest island in the Sporades group of islands.  The northern half of the island has small bays, rolling farmland and pine forests, while the southern half has arid hills and rocky shoreline.

There were many stray cats on the island.  We saw the most adorable stray Momma cat with three kittens upon our arrival at  Perigiali Studios.

The pool outside our hotel. We never stepped foot into the pool. Why would you when you had a beautiful stretch of beach and the gorgeous Mediterranean 50 km away from you???

On our first day at the hotel, I was scolded by the owner Amalia for sneaking food to the Momma.  Whoops!  I felt sorry for the Momma and since since was so thin and I saw her capturing and feeding her kittens lizards.  ;-(  Ewwww

Three little stray kittens huddling to stay warm why their Momma forages for food.

During our stay, we rented a scooter to traverse the entire island.  In my opinion, renting a scooter is the best way to get around an island since it can take you to places a car might not be able to get to.

We visited two museums while on the island:

Archaelogical Museum featured several examples of Myacenanean pottery and a traditional Skyrian house interior, transported in its entirety from the benefactor’s home.

Manos Faltaits Museum, a 19th century mansion was several floors which included Skyrian costumes, embroidery, antique furniture and ceramics, daggers, cooking pots, vintage photographs and a small gift shop.

As usual in Greece, beaches were all gorgeous here.  Swimming in the clear blue Mediterranean is always a treat.

We had a lot of excellent food here, one particular inviting place with notable fare, O Pappous kai Ego (My Grandfather and Me) we dined at had a slightly different take on a Dakos salad, my new favorite Greek salad.

Dakos Salad! Yum!!!!!







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