Naxos, Greece 2013

Naxos is the biggest island in the Cyclades.

The Castro… if you look closely you can see the silhouette of a cat in the forefront…
The path to our lodging.
Path to the cave of Zeus. We didn’t have the proper footwear the day we came here to make the 3km trip to see the cave — but here’s the path to get there.

We had the opportunity to experience a private tour of a traditional Castle residence (Venetian Museum).  The present residents are direct decendents of the Della Rocca-Barozzi families.  This castle was built by the Venetians during the 13th century and is constructed of stones.  Some photographs, furniture, clothing, jewelry, etc, of the families were displayed throughout.  An interesting tidbit of information we got from our tour – if someone were caught wearing a bracelet that not in the social class required to wear that bracelet, their hand would be cut off!  OUCH!!!

A view of Naxos from the Venetian Museum balcony.
Portara is the most famous monument in Naxos. It is a gigantic gate, a remain of the ancient temple dedicated to Apollo, which was built during the 6th century BC. It is located at the northern part of the port and can be seen from the ships which approach to Naxos.

The beaches were all stunning and virtually uninhabited since it was still low season during our visit.  Yay!  We spent a relaxing afternoon at Agios Prokopios Beach sunbathing and body surfing.  Fun, fun, fun….

Sunbathing at its best…not a soul around.
What a treat to have this entire stretch of ocean to ourselves…

We thoroughly enjoyed a Bouzouki evening in the outdoor patio of the Venetian museum.  The musicians played some traditional and modern tunes while a group of five local dancers treated us to some of their spirited dancing.  Unlimited Naxian adult beverages (wine/liquor) were provided as we were  informed drinking was part of enjoying the evening.  When in Greece …. 😉  OPA!!!!!

Hands down, he best meal we had on the island was at Lucullus, a business in operation for over 100 years.  We shared zucchini balls as an appetizer.  I had kleftiko which is a meat pie made with lamb/potatoes/carrots in a little pot while George had tender saffron/pesto chicken with proscuito, risotto and zucchini.  If you ever find yourself in Naxos, you absolutely MUST dine here!!!

Lucullus, outdoor patio

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