Exploring Mortality

The issue of death has been the topic of conversation these past few weeks so I thought I would explore this topic on my blog.

One woman shared with me this week that on her way to Sacramento from Maui via airplane a man died of a massive heart attack.  His wife, of course, was hysterical.  Yes, it is sad that he died, and unfortunate that manner in which he left this earth, but at least he was returning from vacation.

We never know when our time is up.  Life turns on a dime. I’ve always believed that you should live each day like it’s your last and that life is about experiences vs material things.

While dining with girlfriends recently, one lamented about turning 50 next year.  She commented, “I may only have 25 years left.”  To which I replied, “If you’re lucky you will have 25 years left, if not more.  You may have less.”  I will be turning 50 next year also.  I don’t really think about how much time I have left on the planet, or even think about how old I currently am.  Some days I feel younger, some days, a bit older. It doesn’t really serve any purpose to worry about how old I am, or when my time may be  up. I hope to be able to maintain my good health and be around when I am in my mid-80’s like both of my Grandmothers.

Unfortunately, my father died at 67 from lung cancer.  There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about him and miss him. There is so much I wish he was here to witness.   I see so much of my Father in my son, Brendon.  He was an excellent role model for Brendon.  Thankfully, my father retired early, and did what he loved to do (commercial fish for salmon).  He was also fortunate enough to travel a lot with my Mom before he died.  Travel was another one of his loves, although probably something that my Mom enjoyed more.  You could tell my Father was in his element when he was near the ocean, and especially on his boat. I remember my Father stating days before he died that he was glad that was able to retire early, enjoy commercial fishing, and travel as much as he did.  If you are fortunate enough to have two parents who are alive, cherish them.   Being self employed, I have been lucky enough to carry the torch and travel with my Mother.  We have traveled to Alaska, Panama Canal, Mexico, Costa Rica, Italy, and the Southern Caribbean.

I have heard countless stories of people who died with regret, or before they got a chance to do what they really wanted to do.  Don’t waste your life waiting for the right moment or time to do things.  What are you waiting for????  No time like the present!   Explore, Travel, LIVE!!!!!

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”  ~ Saint Augustine





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