Massage is a Necessity


Every time I get my massage, I ask myself why, doesn’t EVERYONE get a massage?  I will never understand why people do not get massage on a regular basis.  I am really surprised when I meet people who have never even had a massage!!

I began receiving massage in my late 20’s.  After my first massage experience, I was hooked and knew I wanted to make massage a regular habit.   I was able to budget for regular massage by giving up my daily Starbuck’s and intermittent Jamba Juice habit.  Who knew I would choose to make massage therapy a full time career in my lifetime?

If you know something is good for you, and you know about all of the benefits, why not receive a massage on a regular basis?  These are the some of the excuses I hear on a regular basis:

 I don’t have the time.

Massage is a luxury.

I cannot afford it.

You cannot allow yourself 1-2 hours at least once a month to relax?  I feel very sorry for you. You REALLY cannot afford a massage when you know about all of benefits and how great you will feel afterwards??   If the cost really is an issue, consider going to a massage school and getting a massage.

Massage is far from a luxury.  It is a necessity to maintain good health.

I was really surprised recently when I recently received an email from a regular client who said that her sister could not redeem the package of massages she received from her because she was stressed out about trying to schedule them?  Really?  Wow.  It sounds like this woman could really use the massage, too bad she won’t allow herself time to schedule one.

Allow yourself some time to relax and decompress …. GO GET A MASSAGE!!!!

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