Give a Massage this Valentine’s Day!!

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, the perfect time to treat yourself, or a loved one to a massage (hint, hint husband, boyfriend, or significant other??).  If that’s not a good enough reason, how about this: Not only can massage therapy evoke relaxation and relieve, it can lessen chronic pain, reduce muscle soreness, increase blood circulation and flush out toxins.

Visiting a spa or visiting a independent CMT is always a welcome treat, but if money’s tight, why not try the DIY approach? Offering a partner a massage can be romantic, especially with the variety of aromatherapy oils on the market. Perhaps, you could create a cute coupon redeemable for one 30-minute massage. Make sure to communicate while doing the massage, asking questions like, “does this feel good?” and “how’s the pressure?”

If you’re flying solo this V-day, why not try self-massage? Use oils to enhance the experience and focus on areas where you tend to hold the most tension; maybe it’s your shoulders or calves. You can try a muscle massage stick or other tools made for muscle soreness, or even just your own hands. Lance Armstrong’s site, has a great article about how to do self-massage. Read it here.



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