A Moment to Yourself…..


Where do you get away from it all to meditate, dream, or decompress??

In the Western culture, we live in a fast paced, frenetic society.  It seems that more and more people are getting away from connecting to one another in person and having any meaningful conversation.  Connections and updates about our lives are now on Facebook or Twitter.  How long/often are you on these social networking sites?  Have you ever observed a group of people in the airport, in the grocery line, or anywhere outdoors glued to their Smartphones?  Is it any wonder so many of us feel disconnected?  It seems as though technology is becoming the death of our society. To succeed in the business world these days, you must be tied into social networking.  I prefer to network in person, but to keep up with the times, have succumbed to engaging in social networking.  It’s no wonder I prefer the European mindset of a much slower paced lifestyle with a siesta in the late afternoon.

I am on Facebook, primarily to promote my business.  I generally check in 1-2x a day during the weekday, but for never more than 5-10 minutes. Many people are Facebook stalkers, never commenting or adding anything to their page, just following what others are posting.

I make it a point to regularly connect with my good friends IN PERSON, or at least over the phone.  It is so nice to be able to share time together, for a meal, drinks or, better yet, out in nature.  Time can swiftly get away from you; all of a sudden you realize you haven’t connected with friends in six months, a year!

My favorite way to decompress is travel, whether it is local or abroad.  If I may recommend a few places that I get away regularly to relax that don’t require airplane travel:

Bodega Bay Lodge, Bodega Bay, CA: http://www.bodegabaylodge.com/specials_and_packages

Osmosis Day Spa & Sanctuary, Freestone, CA –  http://www.osmosis.com/

Stafford Retreat Cottage, Scott’s Valley, CA  – http://www.vrbo.com/418853




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