Headaches to Watch Out For….

I was at the gym this morning when all of a sudden I had a pounding headache, one like I had never had before.  For someone that rarely has headaches, especially of this type, was odd.  I tried to continue my workout, but the pounding would not subside.   I went home, popped and aspirin and slept it off.  Thankfully, when I awoke 2 hours later, the headache and pounding were gone.

Later that same day, I asked one of my clients if he had ever had a headache like this or had he heard of this happening to anyone.   He told me about an article he read previously in the New York Times about someone who experienced this and from the advice of his father who was a Doctor, called 911 and told them, “I have a pounding headache, the worst I have ever had and I am not someone who gets headaches.”   He found out that he had a brain aneurysm and that was one of the signs.  He attributed his Father with saving his life for giving him this information.  I thought this would be valuable information to pass along to others.  I know I am so thankful that I found out about this because I had no idea.  Thank you Paulie!!!

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