Myths About Massage Therapy

Myth: No Pain No Gain! 

Truth:  Believe it or not, requesting more and more pressure can leave you in pain for the next 24-48 hours while not bringing you any closer to the healing you were hoping to achieve. Some conditions may be painful, but I will always try to find a way to treat a condition with the least amount of discomfort working within individual pain tolerance. If I am not getting the release from standard massage techniques, instead of applying more pressure and causing more pain, I prefer to employ a variety of advanced techniques instead. I find that using a variety of approaches brings about healing in a more passive manner with long-lasting results.

Myth: A good massage should fix your problem in one session.

Truth:  A more serious problem, or an older injury usually takes a longer time to heal. Most research into the effectiveness of massage, physio or chiropractic care is based on a treatment plan of at least 4 to 6 treatments.  After some sessions it is possible to feel no difference, or even to feel worse temporarily, depending on your condition.  Do not get discouraged.  Follow the treatment plan, attend all the sessions in a timely fashion and do the prescribed home care and exercises that you and your therapist agreed to between your sessions.

For long term health, please consider a maintenance plan of monthly treatments. This approach works well when you are at a level of health that you want to maintain. The monthly massages take care of minor aches before they become problematic. It can also aid you in keeping stress at reasonable levels, prevent headaches and prevent flare ups of chronic problems.

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