Tips to Reduce Chronic Pain

I see many types of people in my practice.  It is the clients who see me regularly for chronic pain (pain lasting more than 6 months) that I really have empathy for.  Each client responds favorably to different forms of treatment.  I welcome the challenge of finding a treatment plan that will work best for each individual.

To better understand chronic pain:

I encourage being your own advocate for managing your pain.  Here are so some tips you can use:

1.   Exercise

2.   Breathe/Meditate/Biofeedback

3.   Avoid Alcohol

4.   Quit Smoking

5.   Eat Healthy

6.   Journal

7.   Schedule relaxation

8.   Distract Yourself

9.   Know your Medications

10. You’re not Alone

For more information on some of the tips above, etc.:

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