Brrrrr – It’s Cold Outside! Coping with Climate Changes


I hate to admit that I have an issue with a climate change, but, alas, I do.  When the colder, shorter days arrive, I have to continually resist the desire to hibernate.  I don’t want to get up out of my warm, cozy bed and have to put on my gym clothes!?!  DARN IT!!!!  How many times can I hit the snooze button and still be able to accomplish what I need to before my work day begins?   It doesn’t help that my 3-1/2 year old Cairn terrier companion, Gracie looks sleepily up at me as I peel myself out of bed with her big brown puppy eyes and then promptly settles back into her blanket cocoon without a modicum of sympathy!!  Who says, dogs are man’s best friend!?

As with anything, there are pros and cons to a climate change.  Being the eternal optimist, I prefer to focus on the pros and don’t let my mind dwell on the negatives.

1.  Catch up on reading

2.  Get caught up on administrative tasks/chores

3.  Watch movies

4.  More time to cuddle

5.  Comfort food!

6.  Whether giving or receiving a massage – I imagine that I am somewhere warm and  tropical

7.   Savor red wine (which pairs perfectly with #5!)

8.   Play board games

9.   Stronger inclination to cook/bake

10. Barley Wine season

11. Crab season

12. Sauna/hot tub weather

13. Hike/ski/snowboard

In reference to # 6 above, a great article on the health benefits of massage for therapists and clients:

While I don’t suffer from SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder, here is a great article on that topic, if you are interested:

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