The Many Benefits of Good Posture

I didn’t appreciate having a 3 inch growth spurt when I started high school.  I remember my Mom always reminding me to stand up straight and watch my posture. It took me several years to truly appreciate my height.   I now thank my Mom for helping me to be mindful of my posture.

Here is a link to an excellent article on posture. The author explains the following:

Makes You Look Taller.  Good posture adds an immediate inch or two to your height.  Try it, you will be surprised.

Makes You Look More Confident.   Good posture gives you an air of strength and confidence.  Think about it… shoulders back, chest out, chin in….

Improves Organ Function.  Slouching forces your rib cage to compress your organs decreasing their efficiency.

Reduces Tension and Pain in Your Neck, Shoulders, and Back.  Most of the discomfort you feel from sitting at work comes from sitting improperly.

Increases Concentration and Mental Performance.

Prevents Beer Belly.   Incorrect posture accentuates any belly fat you have while proper posture can hide it.

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